Air Conditioner Maintenance

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We will help you avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns by checking 22 main points of your cooling system.

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Maintenance & Tune-up Checklist

  • Check the thermostat
  • Test full operation
  • Inspect the breaker Amps
  • Test safety controls
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Measure volts and amp draws
  • Clean the condensate drain system
  • Inspect return air filters
  • Electrical components checked and tightened
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Check air flow
  • Inspect the compressor and fan
  • Inspect the fan motor
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure
  • Check the sub-cooling of the system
  • Check the super heat of the system
  • Check the refrigerant levels
  • Add refrigerant if required (refrigerant not included)
  • Check the cooling temperature and air flow
  • Measure temperature delta between supply & return


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