Duct Cleaning


Price covers 10 vents. Add 5$ for each additional vent.

Free with purchase of any furnace or air-conditioner.

Your ducts should be cleaned at least once every three to five years to help maintain strong indoor air quality and optimal operation of your heating,  ventilation, and air conditioning systems. At Zenith, we use a high-efficient particle air vacuuming equipment to clean your ducts, and always take care to protect your duct work.

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Need Air Duct Cleaning ?

If your ducts look dirty, you should definitely consider duct cleaning.

Your furnace, ventilation, and air conditioning system use ducts to transfer air. The ducts can become filled with dust, mold, and allergens, especially if you have done home improvement or you have just moved into your home. Your HVAC system is responsible for air circulation, and a build-up of contaminants in your ducts means the system must work harder. This extra pressure can shorten the life of your system. These pollutants not only create an unhealthy home environment but also reduce your  HVAC system’s efficiency.

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What's Included

Return Duct:

  • Furnace Operation Inspection
  • Condensing System Inspection
  • A-Coil Inspection
  • Cold Air Returns From Furnace Isolation
  • Installation of Vacuum to Main Return Duct
  • Camera Inspection
  • Air-whip and Cold Air Sweep
  • Return Main Duct Cleaning
  • Inspection for Proper Cleanliness
  • Re-Clean (if necessary)
  • Sanitizer Application
  • Re-installation of all registers

Supply Duct:

  • Removal and Sealing of All Vents
  • Camera Inspection
  • Installation of Vacuum to the Main Supply Duct
  • Air-Whip and Sweeping of All Supply Vents
  • Inspection For Proper Cleaning
  • Re-Clean (if necessary)
  • Sanitizer Application
  • Installation of One-Inch Plugs
  • Floor and Wall Registers Cleaning
  • Furnace Cleaning
  • Furnace Check and Re-start
  • Certificate Installation
  • Advise customer of any problems
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