August 22, 2020

Why is My Furnace Red Tagged

What does it mean when your furnace is red-tagged?

A red tag is placed on your furnace by a licensed technician when the furnace is not safe or not compliant with the regulations code. This can be due to a defective heat exchanger since it can release carbon monoxide into your home

What to do when your furnace is red-tagged?

If your furnace has been red-tagged, contact  us and get a FREE second opinion from one of our certified, expert technicians. He will diagnose the issues identified and recommend you the best options to get your furnace red tag removed as soon as possible.


What are the different types of furnace red tags?

There are two types of furnace red tags:

  • Type A red tag is issued  when an immediate hazard/danger has been identified by a licensed technician. In this case, your natural gas will immediately be turned off. By law, you cannot use the furnace until you have the the conditions corrected.
  • Type B red tag is issued when the furnace has problems but it does not pose an immediate hazard/danger. In this case, you will have a 30-day deadline to repair or replace the equipment. But if you do not take any action by the set due dateline, your natural gas will be turned off.

Furnace-Redtag | Zenith Eco Energy
Furnace Red Tag. This is what it looks like.